Standard CalendarEdit


In the Common Calendar, the cycle (year analogue) are always placed before the signature for a specific era. The beginning of a new cycle is indicated when the constellation Laekora, a cluster of stars forming a diamond shape, falls in line with the moons as Verus is fully eclipsing U’Orsa. 


13 moons in a cycle. One moon is completed when Eirelor’s two moons, Verus and U’Orsa, which orbit each other in a binary system, complete one half of an orbit. The beginning of the moon is indicated when Verus eclipses U’Orsa while the end of the moon is indicated when U’Orsa eclipses Verus. When the latter occurs, a dazzling violet ring of moonlight appears in the sky. The former gives a brilliant argent right of moonlight. 


Days are always placed at the end, behind the number of the specific moon. There are 42 days in a moon and 13 moons in a cycle, making 546 days in a cycle. 


125 I.: 11th Moon.12

125th cycle of the First Era on the twelfth day of the eleventh moon



Post Creation Era - P.C.E.

Post Settlement Era - P.S.E. 

First Era - IE

Second Era - IIE

Third Era - IIIE

Fourth Era - IVE

Fifth Era - VE