The rhak, or "Rhakbeast" as those outside of northern Caramar refer to it, is a creature much resembling a large lizard or monitor though with rather canine features: sharp teeth, elongated legs, large, folded ears with bushy fur on their tails. Rhak pups are generally covered in a thin coat of hair that is generally discarded revealing colorful scales upon their first shedding, at which time some Rhak turn colors. Rhak pup fur is a prized possession in many kingdoms. Rhak can grow to be up to an average 20 feet from snout to tail and up to 8 feet tall at the shoulder though some have been seen to grow to up to 30 feet in length.

Though the rhak can live to be about 200 years of age, the population of Rhak has declined in recent centuries due to poaching. That said, the number of males far exceeds that of females, which have become quite rare. With the exception of Laark's rhak, Na'ti, a female rhak has not been seen for fifty years when the last one died in Tallonrow's Queen's Garden, and have since been thought to have gone extinct.

There is virtually no way to tell whether a rhak is male or female before it reaches its third stage of growth when it suddenly grows a pair of wings. This process has never been observed as Rhak development is very fragile and will not reach the third stage of growth in captivity.