First and foremost, it may be helpful to look into how the Calendar of Eirelor works in order to properly comprehend it's timeline. 

Post Creation Era (P.C.E.)Edit

Creation and PeaceEdit

The Primeval Years -1 P.C.E. -"Quer's Sacrifice"

1 P.C.E. - The Birth of the Mirci on Otrlynd at the southeastern Isle of Ilarun.

7 P.C.E. - Isthrawiien establishes the settlement of Kieranyth on the mouth of the Daelanil River, the Bay of Nuril.

8-679 P.C.E. - Blossoming of Mirci Society

Maralas' falling water above the forests of Ilarun

680 P.C.E.Isthrawiien renounces his rule as King and slips away into hermitage

681-693 P.C.E. - Tensions escalate as the Mirci struggle to crown a new king

695 P.C.E. - "Disenthrallment of the Mirci"

The Mirci and the ShadrEdit

20856 fantasy demon knight beast demon knight

Delithraldur and His Army of Shadr

754 P.C.E. - Appearance of the Shadr at Loch Myrn

759-923 P.C.E. - Rise of Delithraldur and the Shadr

  • Frequent, hostile interaction between the Mirci and Shadr
  • Delithraldur begins campaign against Mirci: The War of Avarice
  • Shadr expand their territory out from Loch Myrn to the River Aegis after 814 P.C.E
  • Shadr expand their territory to the northwestern region of Otrlynd, north of the River Myrn after 889 P.C.E.

890 P.C.E. - Mirci retreat to each nautical direction of Otrlynd and form factions


890-974 P.C.E. - The Mirci hold on to their remaining corners of Otrlynd

975 P.C.E.: 4th Moon - Farassu Sundara , King of the Aryads, sends word by Sand Raven to the other factions that the Aryadic peoples are leaving Otrlynd in search of new lands.

976 P.C.E.:7th Moon - Elnyrith Unar , of the Farek, and her people decide to leave Otrlynd after recieving word of the Aryad's departure. 

1023 P.C.E.: 2nd Moon - Rognar Rocbeard and his Aeori people depart from Otrlynd after their defeat at The Battle of Rorikar's Valley

1048 P.C.E.: 9th Moon - Jerak Lothilad , Lord of Man, sends word to Elvyrith Elilmariand, queen of the Mirciia, that he and his people are departing from Ilarun at Fathel's Gate as Shadr are advancing on Ilarun.   

Some say that the Mirciia and those others who stayed on Otrlynd survived the Shadr attacks though most claim that the Shadr vanquished the last of the Mirci long ago.


High Elven Ship

Humanity's Arrival at Caramar's Jagged Coast

977 P.C.E.: 1st Moon.1 - The Aryadic fleet lands on the western coast of Thardonand at what is now Yalu in Daei

979 P.C.E.: 3rd Moon.19 - "The Fury of the Shadr"

979 P.C.E.: 4th Moon.1 - The majority of the Farecian fleet arrives at the northern coast of Varalithiel at Eredath

979 P.C.E.: 4th Moon.35 - Thirty ships of the Farecian fleet land on the eastern coast Valesha

979 P.C.E.: 4th Moon.40 - Twenty-two ships of the Farecian fleet land on the northeastern coast of Sal'Aszar

1024 P.C.E.: 11th Moon.23 - The Arrival of the Aeori on Nar'Gel

1051 P.C.E.: 5th Moon.17 - Humanity arrives in the Southern Isles and the southeastern coast of Caramar

Post-Settlement (P.S.E.)

Timeline of events preceeding the formation of the first kingdoms and in the relation to each region beginning with the landing of the Aryads in Daei



1 E.P.S.: 1st Moon.1 - The Aryadic fleet lands on the western coast of Thardonand at what is now Yalu in Daei. Soon after arrival, tribes of Aryads set off from Yalu to explore the surrounding territory.