At the center of the courtyard at Isle Feth lies a large stone stelae. The stelae has stood since the establishment of the academy on the island and serves as the tomb of Adonthiel, Keeper of the Light, who served as mentor to Adnolas and Leader of the Erililna Eroameth. When Adonthiel felt it was his time, he passed through the stelae. Adonthiel was actually an Adaenethi Da'Kar who foresaw the return of Delithraldur and entered the stelae to attempt to pass through time using the Wyrthe. Instead he became trapped within the Wyrthe and was there held until being released by Shel when Durin told him to return to that which stands above the rubble of the era and find the one who has passed through.

When Shel releases Adonthiel, the stelae glows with runes of power, the entire lexicon of the Wyrthian rune script.